Sandy Bee Mine honey is always raw, pure, and natural.

The Sandy Bee Mine colony does all of the collecting, but once the honey is ready in the hives we move in to harvest it from the comb. Once out of the honeycomb, the honey is strained to remove bee parts, propolis, honeycomb chunks, and other natural but undesirable extras. Our honey is not  filtered or pasteurized. While filtering can be used to remove fine particulates such as pollen grains and air bubbles, many (myself included) believe filtering reduces the medicinal value of honey. Pasteurizing honey, using high heat to kill microbes, removes the good enzymes found in honey and prevents crystallization. But honey does not need to be pasteurized, as it is naturally antimicrobial. And, keeping the small granules known as crystallization does not affect the quality — in fact, some prefer it. If your honey forms hard crystals, simply immerse the honey jar in warm water (not boiling, never in a microwave) to liquefy the sugars again. Honey has no shelf life — perfectly preserved honey has been found in ancient Egyptian pyramids! 

has an exceptionally smooth and spreadable consistency. Naturally occurring,  smaller than average, crystals are intentionally developed the honey resulting in an extra creamy and rich product.


$13.00 – 1 lb. Creamed Honey  Glass Globe Jar 

is rare, as sourwood trees are scarce and need specific conditions (lots of sunshine and rain) to produce enough flowers for a honey crop in their short blooming season. Therefore, this Southern Appalachian favorite is only available as conditions allow. Sourwood Honey is extra-light to light amber color, extremely aromatic, and richly flavored. For the best quality and flavor, choose sourwood honey.

Sourwood Honey will be available approximately in late June, according to this year’s harvest. 
is derived from the nectar of numerous flowers and blossom species. The taste, aroma and flavor will vary from season to season depending on which flowers are dominant at the time the bees collect the nectar.

$18.50 – 2 lb. Wildflower Honey Plastic Jar 
$10.00 – 1 lb. Wildflower Honey Plastic Jar 
$7.50 – 3/4 lb. Wildflower Honey Bear
$5.50 – 1/2 lb. Wildflower Honey Bear
$3.00 – 2 oz  Wildflower Honey Bear

is collected from the honey bee for your enjoyment! 

$13.00 – 7 oz  United States Bee Pollen