Sandy Bee Mine’s Central Hive

Sandy Bee Mine produces small batch, all natural honey as well as honey and beeswax bath and body products. 
Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina, the main apiary of about 60 beehives borders 19,000 acres of the Green River Game Lands. The Game Lands, a nature and wildlife conservancy, provide a prime location that supports a virtually unlimited supply of pollen and nectar for our bees to gather. An additional apiary is maintained in Zirconia, NC and we are close to opening a 3rd apiary about 30 miles north west of Asheville. As we just can’t seem to produce enough honey to satisfy a growing demand, we also source honey from local beekeepers we call friends. These beekeepers use the same practices we endorse, producing honey that is pure, natural, and always from the mountains of Western North Carolina.
Sandy Bee Mine is a family-owned operation. Most of our time is spent  keeping the bees and harvesting honey (collecting a few bee stings!), creating and distributing our products, and enjoying the colony’s bounty. We are not commercial beekeepers, preferring the benefits of small batch, hand-made products of the highest quality.
Sandy Bee Mine honey is always natural, raw, and pure. It’s taken straight from the hives, cleaned (a necessary but minimal process to remove debris from the honey), and put right into a jar for your enjoyment. Our body care products are nourishing and soothing, and always free from unnecessary or toxic additives. Of course, a full ingredients list is always available so that you are in control of your own experience.  
Our goal is to produce the purest honey and the safest, most restorative bath and body products for our customers. For purchase information, visit the page Fancy a Little Smackerel?