Order Products Online

Order products online by e-mailing us directly at [email protected] 
Please note that some items cannot be shipped in the heat; please see our retail locations or contact us to arrange a pickup/drop off — we love to meet customers! Thanks in advance for understanding that our priority is getting you quality products. 
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to talk honey!
When placing an order, please send a detailed order that includes the following:
  1. Product  
    • Include the name of the specific product that you would like to order. If you are ordering honey, please note the type of honey; if you are ordering lotion bars, please note the scent. For example, indicate if you want creamed honey, sourwood, or wildflower.
  2. The size of that product
    • Honey jars come in all different sizes, for example. Do you want a 2 oz. bear or a 1 lb. jar?
  3. Quantity
    • How many of them do you want? If you are ordering multiple types or sizes, please note the specific quantity for each!
  4. Your shipping address
    • To provide you a shipping quote, we need to know where we’ll be sending it!

Once we receive your order, we will provide you a quote with actual shipping charges and processing fees. We prefer to ship USPS flat rate boxes as cost effective. Then, we will ask you to confirm that order. Once confirmed, we will ship your order out!